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Podcast Editors Gone Wild
Pocket Sized Podcast #55

Scott goes against the hype and recommends people not spend money on Clear app for iPhone.

Suzé brings us Van Gogh’s Dream on the iPad.

Bob DeGrande joins us for a talk about audio recording and editing on iOS devices, and TwistedWave in particular.

Links from the show:

Clear app for iPhone

Van Gogh’s Dream for iPad

Dropbox app

Hokusai Audio Editor

TwistedWave Audio Editor

GoodReader for iPad

GoodReader for iPhone

Tascam iM2 Stereo Mic for iOS products

Zoom H2 Portable Recorder

Garageband for iPhone and iPad

Kingdom Rush

Bob DeGrande on Twitter!/bdegrande

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View Current App Store Price for Already Installed Apps

This tip comes from Mark Greentree of Everyday Mac Support and Not Another Mac Podcast.

If you purchase an app from the iTunes App Store for iOS or from the Mac App Store for your Mac, you are no longer able to view the current price of the app in the app store once you have installed it. Instead, you’ll see an indicator where the price normally is displayed that you already have the app installed.

Normally this isn’t a problem, but if for some reason you ever do want to see what the current price of an installed app is, here’s one way to do so on your computer.

First, go to the app in iTunes on your computer, right-click on the app name, and select “copy link”.

Now open your web browser and paste the link you just copied into the URL field at the top of the browser window, and hit return.

You’ll now be taken to a web page description of the app that looks very much like the app description in iTunes. On this page will be the price of the app, displayed in the usual location underneath the picture of the app’s icon. In this case, you can see that PasteBot from TapBots for iOS is a $3.99 app.

If you enjoy this tip, please listen to the Pocket Sized Podcast for more great information about iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV on a weekly basis.

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Interview with Mark Greentree of Not Another Mac Podcast

Mark Greentree hosts a wonderful podcast called Not Another Mac Podcast, which is a roundtable podcast every week. In addition, he also has been doing an interview episode every week where he chooses one person and talks with them one on one as an interview.

This week Mark interviewed me for his 10th episode of the Interview Episodes. You can find the episode here: Not Another Mac Podcast – Interview #10 With Scott Willsey , or you can find it in iTunes:

Regardless of how you feel about my own interview on his podcast, please listen to and subscribe to Not Another Mac Podcast if you’re into Macs and iOS devices. Mark consistently has a great set of guests and interesting topics.

You can find Not Another Mac Podcast on Mark’s web site:

or in iTunes:


Apple! You’ve Changed!
Pocket Sized Podcast #54

Scott and Tim Robertson of TechFan podcast and talk about changes, Game Center, iOS notifications, and AirPlay.

Suzé takes Cinemagraphs to a new level with a great photo app called Kinotopic for iPhone.

Also, listener feedback! Who knows, you may be famous!

Links from the show:

Game Center


Kinotopic for iPhone

TechFan podcast

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Will the real Pocket Sized Podcast please stand up?

UPDATE 2/20/12:

Well, you can pretty much ignore the rambling missive below, because Iain Lee contacted me and made it clear it was an honest mistake and that he’s changing his podcast name. He was professional, gracious, and personable, and I greatly appreciate how he handled it. I don’t care so much that it happened in the first place, what matters is his response, and it was top notch.

Thanks to Iain for being understanding and for his great response.


I started Pocket Sized Podcast in December of 2010. I chose the name because it reflects both the topic of the podcast, which is Apple’s mobile devices, as well as my goal (which I occasionally achieve) to keep it to 30 – 40 minutes in length. I like the name, and I like the image of the iPhone slipping into the jeans pocket that I came up with to accompany it.

That’s why I was disappointed to find that Iain Lee is going to start his own podcast and called it “Iain Lee’s Pocket Sized Podcast.” Please do not visit that link until you’ve finished reading this. You’ll see why I’m asking that below.

I don’t think I’m a superstar, and I don’t think that I’m even a moderately well known podcaster, but I do take this podcast seriously and I am working to grow it and to improve the quality of it for my listeners. I also would like to make it attractive to sponsors at some point. Therefore the integrity of the name of this podcast matters to me. It matters to me anyway, on general principle, and pride in what I do.

There is already name confusion going on, and Iain’s podcast hasn’t even started yet. I’m getting referrals to my site showing up in my logs from a forum discussing Iain and his upcoming project. I’m getting search result referrals in my logs from searches for “Skype pocketsizedpodcast”, which is Iain’s Skype handle for the podcast. So it’s clear that the situation has already confused potential listeners of his, and I’m sure it would confuse anyone who came across mine after hearing of his, or vice versa.

I have emailed Iain about the matter, and I’m going to assume until I hear otherwise that this was all done in good faith and he meant no harm. If that kind of response isn’t forthcoming, I’ll contact his management and the team that did his branding for the podcast for him, as I suspect they’re probably the ones that dropped the ball on this rather than Iain. I suppose they should add a Google search to their checklist for future clients if indeed that’s the case.

I don’t want an internet war. I don’t want to start name calling. I have no reason to believe Iain purposefully took a name that he knew was already in use. I certainly don’t want to believe that he did, because that would be majorly uncool of him, to put it mildly.

By now my listeners should know that I’m not in this because of an ego, and I’m not a person who feels entitled or like this thing is my birthright. But I do feel that when someone else in the same space is working hard on something and trying to build it up honestly, the respectful and, honestly, more logistically sound thing to do is to find another name or at least communicate with the existing podcast owner about it.

I like Pocket Sized Podcast. I know my listeners do to. I want to continuously improve, change what’s not good about it, and keep doing what is. And I want people to think of this podcast when they hear the words Pocket Sized Podcast, as they should, because it was here first.

I know my listeners are smart enough to know this already, but please do NOT go to Iain’s web site and start making derogatory remarks or send disrespectful tweets his way. It won’t help, and if I can’t come out of this having handled it professionally, I’ve already lost. I have no reason for a beef with anyone over this unless it actually becomes clear that it was intentional to ignore that this name was already in use by an existing podcast.

What you can do if you honestly already feel like supporting my podcast is to go to iTunes and rate the podcast and leave reviews for me. Just put what you feel, no reason to embellish or exaggerate. I wish I didn’t have to mention that if you’re a person who feels that Iain deserves the name for his podcast, please don’t take it out on me by giving me negative ratings and reviews. I seriously doubt that Iain would appreciate his listeners being negative any more than I would appreciate mine doing so.

You can also like this podcast’s Facebook page, follow the Google+ podcast page, and generally just let people know about the podcast. Recommend it to others. I don’t honestly know how much it will help, but I can promise that it will at least gift me with encouragement, which I could use a little of at the moment.

Thanks for being a listener. Thanks for taking the time out of your day each week to digest what we’ve put together as a team out of nothing more than sheer love of podcasting. Thanks for all the feedback you’ve sent, the comments, the participation, the appearances on the podcast, and everything else you’ve done for this podcast. And thanks for generally being a cool bunch of people. Getting to know my listeners has been an extremely enjoyable experience, one that I plan to continue under the name Pocket Sized Podcast for a long time to come.

Podcast Yourself
Pocket Sized Podcast #53

Suzé is the anti-cropper with a universal app called AntiCrop.

Scott helps you channel your inner podcaster with his review of Audioboo, TinyVox, and ISaidWhat?!

Links from the show:

iOS Apps and the Address Book (from the Verge)

AntiCrop universal app by Adva-Soft

Audioboo iOS app for iPhone and iPod touch web site

TinyVox free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

TinyVox Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

iSaidWhat for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!/id345273683?mt=8

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Feed Me, Seymour!

Loyal listeners might recall that a few episodes ago, around 41 or 43 or so, Tim helped me switch my podcast feed over from to this site ( It worked seamlessly for anyone subscribed in iTunes, not so well for those with other podcatchers such as Downcast. That wasn’t Tim’s fault or mine, it’s just that without being able to set up custom HTTP responses on the server, there was no way to accurately redirect it for anyone outside of iTunes subscribers.

Well, I’m at it again. I’m changing my RSS feed for the podcast to a Feedburner one. Using Feedburner will give me a much better grasp on what listeners are doing and how the podcast is faring, and quite frankly, I should have set it up on Feedburner when I switched from having the podcast located on to this site. It’s not like I haven’t used Feedburner in the past for other podcasts. And yet, I failed to do so. Doh.

Never being one to let one mistake stop another, I’m going to yank the carpet out from you again. If you’re an iTunes type, you should not lose any episodes. If you’re not subscribed to this podcast in iTunes, the podcast RSS feed Url is changing and you must make sure your podcast feed gets updated. The new URL is:

That feed is active now, and will work just fine for any podcatcher, including iTunes if you enter it manually there. Please update it to that feed and you’ll never miss a podcast again. Ever! Unless the world ends and I can’t get a podcast out because I fell into the center of the earth. In that case, you’re on your own. Hope you have lots of water, good boots, and a decent rifle.

Still confused? The Subscribe! page should explain everything.

Path of the iPhone
Pocket Sized Podcast #52

Path is the word and the app. Scott and Peter talk about Path. Later, Scott and his father Jack also talk about Path.

Suzé brings some much needed color and variety to the podcast with iColorama.

Links from the show:

Path app for iPhone and iPod touch

Path website

iColorama for iPad

Talansodev website

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