iOS 6 Talk
Pocket Sized Podcast #70

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Peter Nikolaidis and I read listener feedback and then entertain thoughts of iOS 6. You may not trust a wooden Nickel, but you can trust Suzé’s review of Wood Camera. And Jason Kube is on the case with a review of his own!

Links from the show:

Apple Podcasts universal app

Wood Camera app for iPhone

Popsicolor universal app

Android Users don’t know enough to matter

iOS 6

iOS 6 Maps

Siri in iOS 6

Near Field Communication

Griffin Survivor case

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One thought on “iOS 6 Talk
Pocket Sized Podcast #70

  1. Peter Bird

    Hello Scott, you and Peter were talking about features for ios 6 I have one which for international users i think will be great that is local search, not a big thing for you guys because you got it with ios5. I use maps a lot for various things and I’m very happy google is not going to be providing map data anymore!


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