More Mini Appalooza!
Pocket Sized Podcast #74

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Mark Greentree of Not Another Mac Podcast and Geekiest Show Ever helps Scott app out with a mini Appalooza. Suzé brings color to the podcast with Popsicolor. And John Nemo cables everything together with the World’s Shortest Reviewcast.

Links from the show:

Google+ universal iOS app

Wickr – Secure IM and Multimedia Sharing for iPhone

Real Racing 2 HD

Real Racing 2 for OS X

645 Pro for iPhone

ABC iview in Australian iTunes app store

StickyStudy Kanji universal iOS app

StickyStudy Kana universal iOS app

The Amazing Spiderman universal iOS app

Frameographer – Stop Motion & Time Lapse for iPhone

iTunes Match

Agenda Calendar universal iOS app

Audio Xciter

Popsicolor universal iOS app

Through the Lens of an iPhone Flickr group

Life in LOFI

CableJive LineOut Pro

iLuv DualJack sync/charge cable

Revolver – How the Beatles reimagined Rock ‘n’ Roll

Not Another Mac Podcast

Geekiest Show Ever

Mark Greentree

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Artwork by Donny Yankellow
Theme music by Bryan Page, aka Jesta

One thought on “More Mini Appalooza!
Pocket Sized Podcast #74

  1. Peter Bird

    Hello Scott, I always like it when you do these app appalooza’s but my wallet doesn’t because it ends up empty, but its always worth it because the apps always seem to prove that they are worth the money. So thanks for these time to spend.


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