A More Personal Cloud
Pocket Sized Podcast #75

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Scott and Peter talk about a more personal cloud named Polkast. The World’s Shortest Review Cast features a Scosche of John Nemo.

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Polkcast Personal Cloud

Scosche RH656md

Scosche RH656md headphones on Amazon

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Artwork by Donny Yankellow
Theme music by Bryan Page, aka Jesta

One thought on “A More Personal Cloud
Pocket Sized Podcast #75

  1. Peter Bird

    Hello Scott, I actually already had Polkast I got it very early on so I got a special gift from them I got a lifetime pro account for free nice. I haven’t needed to use it much but it has come in handy a few times for getting documents which I needed but didn’t have in iCloud. I personally agree that people should try Polkast they are not going to lose anything. I know why you had the week off really it was Siri she’s driving you mad! Seriously your entitled to time off so it people don’t like it tough on them as you said you have a life.


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