Secure Your Belongings
Pocket Sized Podcast #76

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In the wake of recent events involving Wired Journalist Mat Honan having all his accounts hacked, Peter and Scott take an episode to cover some basic security considerations for your iOS devices and all your online accounts and cloud services.

Suzé Gilbert never glazes over her app reviews, even when the product is named Glaze.

John Nemo and David Weeks go safety with the KENU Highline safety leash attached to their dock connectors.

Links from the show:

Kenu Highline

Glaze universal iOS app


Password Management App Shootout

How to configure Google two-factor authentication

Apple ID support page

Time Machine

Mac 101: Time Machine

Time Capsule




What type of encryption does Evernote use

Seven Deadly Sins: Evernote tips you should avoid

Wickr Secure IM and multimedia sharing

Security in the iCloud age

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

How I Got My Digital Life Back Again After An Epic Hacking

Honan Hacked! Macworld Podcast

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One thought on “Secure Your Belongings
Pocket Sized Podcast #76

  1. Peter Bird

    Hello Scott, After listening to the show got to say some great advice for all us users out there BACK UP everything I always have (both mobile and computer) a good job to considering about 2 years ago my hard drive crashed if I hadn’t backed up I would of loss it all. Also the password subject that is brilliant advice you guys gave which I do myself and tell everyone I know to do as well because to many people use the same email and passwords for everything.


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