Feed Update

As you know if you’re a listener of the podcast, I am moving away from using Feedburner and just pointing people to the site generated feed instead.

Please see the Subscribe page for how to subscribe in iTunes or for the feed URL to subscribe manually.

If you are using iTunes, the feed address will update automatically for you, and there is nothing to do. I verified today that iTunes has updated to the correct feed.

If you are using Downcast or another non-iTunes related Mac, Windows, or iOS app to listen to the podcast, you will need to resubscribe to the podcast. You should just be able to unsubscribe, search for the podcast again using the software’s search feature, and then subscribe again.

If your software doesn’t have the capability of searching for podcasts and you have to add the podcast back manually, please see the Subscribe page for the feed URL you’ll need to enter.

Sorry for doing this again. I’m really disappointed in how Google has dropped the ball on Feedburner.

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