Blast Your Bubble
Pocket Sized Podcast #82

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Scott starts off with a little more Maps opinion, but steers the show towards fun and relaxation for the rest of the podcast. Peter and Scott confess an addiction to Bubble Blast Rescue, and John Nemo listens with the Quarkie Viper head earphones while resting his arm on the GoSmart RestPad.

Links from the show:

iOS Maps app

Refined iOS 6 highlighted by stunning Maps overhaul

iOS 6 maps vs. iOS 5 maps vs.

Bubble Blast Rescue universal iOS app

Bubble Blast Rescue Free universal iOS app

Quarkie Viper head in-ear earphones

GoSmart RestPad

Looking for a Dinosaur children’s iBook by Donny Yankellow

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Artwork by Donny Yankellow
Theme music by Bryan Page, aka Jesta

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