Giving Thanks for Appalooza
Pocket Sized Podcast #89

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It’s a Thanksgiving week Appalooza! Suzé Gilbert joins Scott to list several handfuls of great iOS apps that you’ll want to know about. Also a bonus tip from Suzé at the end, so listen up!

Links from the show:

Glaze universal iOS app

Etchings for iPhone and iPod touch

Honk universal iOS app

Printer Pro for iPhone

Theodolite HD for iPad

Theodolite for iPhone and iPod touch

Prompt universal iOS app

BlueMe for iPhone

BlueMe Pro for iPad

Auryn HD – Teddy’s Night

Star Walk for iPhone

Star Walk for iPad

Oko for iPad

Arc Squadron

The Room for iPad

Recall Reminders for Recommendations

Remote universal iOS app

Amazon Instant Video for iPad

AnyShape for iPhone

Pythonista universal iOS app

Retromatic for iPhone

WebMD for iPhone

WebMD for iPad

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One thought on “Giving Thanks for Appalooza
Pocket Sized Podcast #89

  1. Suzé

    It’s always so much fun to record Appalooza with you Scott. I now have Amazon Video and Recall added to my app arsenal. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the PSP listeners.


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