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Pocket Sized Podcast #90

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Mark Greentree of Not Another Mac Podcast and Geekiest Show Ever loves his iPad mini, and he tells Scott why it’s the best iPad ever for him. Also featuring John Nemo’s World’s Shortest Reviewcast, and a review of the Griffin Survivor iPhone case from Scott.

Links from the show:

iPad mini

Blogsy for iPad

iTextSpeed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

FX Photo Studio HD

Twisted Wave Audio Editor universal iOS app

Cars 2 AppMates for iPad

Extreme Road Trip 2 universal iOS app

Crayola ColorStudio HD

Notability for iPad

iLuv Diary premium leather book case for iPhone 5

iLuv Pulse Dual-layer protective case for iPhone 5

Macally Folio Stand Case for iPhone 5

UNIEA Fundamental Series case for iPhone 5

UNIEA Stars Series case for iPhone 5

Griffin Survivor Case iPhone 4/4S Black on Amazon

Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone

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Mark also co-hosts Geekiest Show Ever available in iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “More Mini Mark
Pocket Sized Podcast #90

  1. Peter Bird

    Hello Scott, I really liked hearing Mark’s take on the iPad mini seeing as he uses his for so much. I have an iPad mini and use it for many things but do find there are things I go to my iPad 3rd generation for, such as if I’m going to read for long periods of time. But on the whole I really like the mini.

  2. Bob DeGrande

    I don’t have an iPad mini yet, but I certainly will in the future, possibly instead of a full sized iPad. I love the smaller form factor, I have owned a number of 7″ tablets and if anything the mini iPad is a bit too large for my taste, although I love the weight.

    I have always considered the retina display, which I have on my iPad 3, a mixed blessing, because it shortens battery life, requires faster processors, and makes the iPad run hotter. No problem at all with the mini iPad not being retina, I tend to notice the difference only on reading books, ;like the Kindle app.

    I am confused by Mark’s comment that a 16X9 form factor would somehow make an iPad strictly a consumption device and not a content creation device, though. For any content creation app that runs in landscape mode – spreadsheets, audio and video editing, mind mapping, even word processing in landscape mode, 16X9 is fine, even a better form factor. For certain other things, like reading a book or word processing in portrait mode, it is not as good, but it certainly can handle lots of content creation tasks, and probably at least as well overall as a 4X3 form factor.

    I think this may be another case of, like with smaller tablets, something being bad until Apple decides to do it.


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