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Pocket Sized Podcast Wants YOU!

Have you ever wanted to be a podcaster? Do you love iOS, apps, and iPhones and iPads? Do you have a good sense of humor and a voice that makes people sell their homes to be near you? Got a decent mic and earphones? Well, Pocket Sized Podcast wants YOU to become rich and famous!

But if that fails, how’d you like to try out to be co-host of Pocket Sized Podcast?

No, Peter and I haven’t started sending each other death threats, and Peter didn’t join a podcast network with no sponsors. Peter’s still my friend. He’d better be, or I’ll sic Nilson on him. But I would like to find a co-host who wants to podcast about the topics Pocket Sized Podcast covers on a weekly basis with me.

I’m looking for someone that fits a lot of criteria. Basically, I want a flying unicorn for a co-host.

  • Casual, conversational style (unlike myself)
  • Tolerable voice (unlike myself)
  • Clean audio (good mic and headphones)
  • Preferably able to record your side of the conversation (has Audio Hijack Pro or Skype Call Recorder or similar)
  • Sense of humor (otherwise I’m going to laugh at you and tell you I’m laughing with you)
  • Technical enough to have a good grasp of iOS, iOS devices, and wide app experience. Knowing basic security concepts, having an ability to learn new apps or iOS settings, and being comfortable with the why and how of things would be nice
  • Good chemistry with me (this is almost impossible as I am unintentionally anti-social and impossible to get along with)
  • Are willing to record weekly on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Obviously there will be vacations and you might even have a life, but in general, weekly.
  • Are willing to help come up with topic ideas, play with apps enough to give them a proper review, and generally be a part of the team. This is not a HUGE time commitment, but it is a commitment.

If you’ve listened to Pocket Sized Podcast and thought I CAN DO THIS A LOT BETTER THAN THIS BABBLING MORON! then you’re probably right, and would you please email me a demo recording of yourself discussing a favorite app to

Don’t overly compress the file, a five to ten minute AIFF or 128 – 256 Kbps MP3 or M4a file is fine. I want to be able to hear what you sound like. Also, if it’s not good quality, I can’t rearrange all the words into an incriminating file that the NSA will believe is real. So there’s that.

One thing I do want to say in all seriousness is that whatever decision I make, it is NOT a value judgement on anyone who submits an audio clip but is not chosen. I know a lot of tremendous people who I respect highly who I think would not make great co-hosts of this podcast because of stilted chemistry recording with me, bad audio quality, or whatever. I will be picky, but it’s about an overall fit for this particular podcast that I’m looking for. Please understand that. I still love you, and if you send me fruitcake for Christmas, I’ll thank you profusely and never tell you that I threw it at one of the bike-stealing neighborhood kids to knock him unconscious until the police could arrive. But I did.

Get cracking, kids. Let’s move Pocket Sized Podcast into the future in style.

Be There for Pocket Sized Podcast 100 LIVE!

We will be holding a LIVE event for Pocket Sized Podcast 100 in a Google+ hangout. You can be there! We’ll happily interrogate you about your iOS device use.

Where: Google+
When: Sun Feb 17th at 20:00 GMT (12:00pm Pacific Standard Time, 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time)

The Pocket Sized Podcast community on G+ is at

If you’re not already a member, ask to join now. Then I will send out invitations to all members to join the hangout.

Only 10 people can be in a hangout at once. If you are not able to join the hangout immediately, you can watch the live stream on my YouTube channel at until we can get you in.

Ping me on twitter if you have any questions @pocketpodcast, or on G+

Download the Pocket Sized Podcast Theme Song!

I mentioned on the last podcast that I was going to talk to Bryan and see if we could make the podcast theme available for download in high quality. Bryan came through for us, and even made a page on his web site with all of his current podcast theme songs.

Have I mentioned that Bryan Page rocks?

Download the Pocket Sized Podcast theme song and listen to Bryan’s other theme songs at and then listen to all the other great music he’s got up on his web site at … You won’t be sorry!

Once again, those links:

Screening Callers

This article by WSJ claiming Sharp is just now getting iPhone 5 screens to Apple seemed hard to believe…

But then after reading from Katie Floyd that iPhone 5 sold out in 1.5 hrs, maybe it’s not so hard to believe. Limited quantities to start with?