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Pocket Sized Podcast 155: And Then Our Heads Exploded

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This podcast is the longest Pocket Sized Podcast ever: the WWDC 2014 Keynote was huge. Two hours huge (which is normal) and packed full of amazing things that people have been hoping for for years (which is not always normal). Vic Hudson of App Story Podcast, and developer of Money Pilot joins Ronnie and Scott to try to make sense of just a tiny portion of what iOS 8 will bring. At least John Nemo knows how to keep it short as he talks about books for learning Adobe Elements in World’s Shortest Reviewcast.


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Pocket Sized Podcast 102: Go Freemium App.NET, Go Felix

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Scott and Bill Kunz, creator of Felix for App.NET, talk about Felix, App.NET’s recent changes, iOS app pricing, and more. John Nemo switches things up with the Switch Wireless 3-Way Portable Speaker in Nemo’s World’s Shortest Reviewcast.


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International Trade Law for the Win!
Pocket Sized Podcast #62

Suzé takes us photo pixel mixing with Pix: Pixel Mixer universal app.

Scott’s had a frustrating week with technology, some of it related to the iTunes store, and some of it related to things other than the iTunes store. Peter listens patiently as a good friend would do, and then Scott and Peter talk about some apps they’ll be reviewing in upcoming episodes.

John Nemo’s World’s Shortest Reviewcast hits both pockets with the Genius DX-ECO battery free wireless mouse and the Just Mobile AluPen Pro stylus and pen.

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Pix: Pixel Mixer Universal App

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Genius DX-ECO Battery Free Wireless Mouse

Just Mobile AluPen Pro stylus and pen

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View Current App Store Price for Already Installed Apps

This tip comes from Mark Greentree of Everyday Mac Support and Not Another Mac Podcast.

If you purchase an app from the iTunes App Store for iOS or from the Mac App Store for your Mac, you are no longer able to view the current price of the app in the app store once you have installed it. Instead, you’ll see an indicator where the price normally is displayed that you already have the app installed.

Normally this isn’t a problem, but if for some reason you ever do want to see what the current price of an installed app is, here’s one way to do so on your computer.

First, go to the app in iTunes on your computer, right-click on the app name, and select “copy link”.

Now open your web browser and paste the link you just copied into the URL field at the top of the browser window, and hit return.

You’ll now be taken to a web page description of the app that looks very much like the app description in iTunes. On this page will be the price of the app, displayed in the usual location underneath the picture of the app’s icon. In this case, you can see that PasteBot from TapBots for iOS is a $3.99 app.

If you enjoy this tip, please listen to the Pocket Sized Podcast for more great information about iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV on a weekly basis.

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