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Pocket Sized Podcast #64

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Yay, it’s a mini Appalooza (appaloo?) with Scott and Mark Greentree of Not Another Mac Podcast.

Suzé teaches you how to be Painteresque.

And John Nemo has the power to bring the World’s Shortest Reviewcast.

Links from the show:

Painteresque Universal app for iOS

Farmkill Universal app for iOS

Tweetbot for iPad

Twisted Wave Universal app for iOS

Star Chart Universal app for iOS

Batman Arkham City Lockdown Universal app for iOS

Panorama 360 Camera Universal app for iOS

Macally LP-PTCII Universal Power Plug Adapter with USB charger

Macally Portable Power Strip with USB 2.0 Hub and Charger

Macally Powerelite 3-outlet Power Strip with USB Charger

Arctic Charger PRO 4 Universal charger

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Losing at iTunes
Pocket Sized Podcast #63

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Gazmaz of MyMac podcast and many other podcasts stops by and we talk about iTunes store, a couple iOS apps, and more (or more or less).

John Nemo brings the world’s shortest reviewcast with three different accessories for iPhone and iPad that you might enjoy.

Links from the show:

Apple iCloud

Ski Safari universal app for iOS

Downcast universal app for iOS

Ulster Portfolio Case for the new iPad

Dungarees Portfolio Jacket with Stand for the new iPad

Vibro II Alarm Clock with Shaker for iPhone and iPod

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We are BACK in the iTunes store!

Yes!! Apple approved my new submission of Pocket Sized Podcast in the iTunes store! You can find it here:


I am not sure how much to rejoice though until 20 years have gone by and it’s still in iTunes. I’m like a poor, beaten animal that fears all men now. I just know they’re going to swoop in and pluck its eyes out again for no (specified) reason.

Anyway, enjoy!

Just one minor request though – if you left a rating or review in iTunes for the podcast, could you please do so again? All that good stuff was trashed when Apple yanked it, and it helps us out a lot to have those in place. Thank you! We appreciate it very much.

Not Another iTunes Rant!

You’re right. It’s not really another iTunes rant, but Mark Greentree of Not Another Mac Podcast! did have me on his show the other day to talk about my woes with Apple’s iTunes store and the knifing of my podcast that took place.

I would say it’s a great conversation, but I’m in it so that wouldn’t be appropriate, but I will say that it’s only 20-ish minutes, so even if you hate it, it won’t last long.

Have a listen!

When Apple removes your podcast from iTunes, good luck finding out why

Update 5/8: As I mentioned a week ago on the podcast, Apple could never come up with a reason that my podcast was removed from the iTunes store. It seems hard for me to believe they can’t track this kind of thing. If I were Apple, I’d want an answer to any problem or event concerning my online store.

Update 4/25: I received an email from an iTunes Store/Mac App store Customer Support Senior Advisor who has promised to help find out why Pocket Sized Podcast was suddenly dumped from iTunes. So until I hear further, I do believe it was some iTunes glitch. Everyone in iTunes support that has helped me so far has been stellar. This is NOT a complaint about them. It’s the way Apple set up the system that dumps your podcast with no notice and no explanation that I believe needs looking at.


Everyone likes emails from Apple. Well, usually. They’re generally little glossy digital brochures filled with wonderful prose about the latest product and how much your mother would love you if you would just purchase her a $600 iPad. Certainly at worst they are delete-worthy, but nothing that would make you curse Apple for existing.

That changed a bit yesterday thanks to a surprise email I got from Apple while I was at work. I was a few hours into reconfiguring some wafer testing equipment, and during an idle moment while we were powering the tool back on, I noticed I had an email from Apple. It turned out to be a lovely one that just made my day and caused me to laugh with joy at the fact that Apple is the largest gatekeeper of podcasts at this time in history.

As you probably already know if you’re a subscribed listener, Pocket Sized Podcast was removed from the iTunes store yesterday (Tuesday, April 24th, 2012). Here’s the email I received:

Dear Podcast Owner

The following podcast has not been included in the iTunes podcast directory.

Name: Pocket Sized PodcastFeed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/PocketSizedPodcast

Submissions may not be included in the directory for a variety of reasons. For more information, please see the podcast technical specification at http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/techspecs.html.


The iTunes Store Team

I’ll admit that upon reading this email, I had some extremely uncharitable thoughts about Apple, to put it mildly.

I often have moments where I’m glad that I haven’t been issued King status or Deity powers. This was one of them. The bodies would have been stacked deep enough to fill an ocean if the anger I felt for a few moments after reading this rejection notice were allowed to be unleashed upon the earth with unfettered power. Fortunately I have friends who are far wiser than me, though perhaps equally unworthy of ruling the universe for other reasons, and after talking with some of them, I now feel much calmer. But still quite frustrated and a little angry.

I’ve reached out to Apple via the support process in iTunes and right now am trying to get them past the canned responses of resubmitting the podcast without ever knowing WHY it was removed in the first place. As I stated to them in my reply, knowing why it was removed is every bit as important as knowing that it WAS removed, otherwise I’ll go down a horrible maze of a nightmare known as a mashup of What About Bob and Groundhog Day. Fun as that might sound, I’m not looking forward to it.

Apple is a great company and they do somethings right. But their communication skills would get them punched in the throat where I work.

Apple: WHY did my podcast get removed, and HOW can I prevent it from happening again? If you rejected it for a reason, you must have record of that reason, or can find a human who decided upon that reason.

If it was not removed for any human decision, but rather some kind of technical glitch that fired off a rejection of a podcast that was already in place using the phrase “was not accepted,” wouldn’t you like to fix that problem so that you don’t start discouraging people into thinking you’re kicking sand in their faces on purpose?

I’m just glad that this web site and the actual podcast feed don’t belong to Apple too, or they’d have disappeared like they never existed with no explanation of why. And there’d be nothing I could do about it.


International Trade Law for the Win!
Pocket Sized Podcast #62

Suzé takes us photo pixel mixing with Pix: Pixel Mixer universal app.

Scott’s had a frustrating week with technology, some of it related to the iTunes store, and some of it related to things other than the iTunes store. Peter listens patiently as a good friend would do, and then Scott and Peter talk about some apps they’ll be reviewing in upcoming episodes.

John Nemo’s World’s Shortest Reviewcast hits both pockets with the Genius DX-ECO battery free wireless mouse and the Just Mobile AluPen Pro stylus and pen.

Links from the show:

Downcast for iOS

Tweetbot for iPhone

Tweetbot for iPad

Pix: Pixel Mixer Universal App

Procreate for iPad

Genius DX-ECO Battery Free Wireless Mouse

Just Mobile AluPen Pro stylus and pen

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