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Pocket Sized Podcast #92

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Peter reviews The Norm, a vent mounted dash mount for your iPhone. Scott and Peter then talk about Apple luring Australians to their deaths via Maps, Apple TV updates are coming, and how they sync their iOS devices and how they use iTunes with them (or not). John Nemerovski brings a World’s Shortest Reviewcast full of accessories ranging from cases to photo lenses in his short holiday gift guide.

Links from the show:

The Norm vent mount dash mount for iPhone

Apple Maps could kill you in Australia, say Australian Police

Apple Maps Can Be Life Threatening

Apple Maps has dangerous Australian error

Apple Maps Updated to fix ghost-city in Australian desert

Apple TV

Apple TV expected to support bluetooth keyboards in upcoming update

Indications of Appy Holidays for Apple TV

Sena Cases Ultraslim Classic for iPhone 5

ōlloclip 3-in-One iPhone Photo Lens

MobiTour Portable Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker

NuGuard GripStand Bundle for iPad 3rd and 4th Gen

RadEQ Equalizer for streaming online radio universal iOS app

Audioforge Labs iOS app for music manipulation

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