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Haters and Competitors
Pocket Sized Podcast #34

Tim Robertson of MyMac.com, TechFan, and Mac Specialist talks with Scott about fanboys, writers, the success of the iPad, and the iPad’s competition.

Suzé Gilbert collaborates with us using Clibe.

Arri Gaffer shows us how listener feedback can be organized with Wünderlist and CarbonFin Outliner.

Links from the show:

Apple iPad
Samsung Galaxy Tab
HP TouchPad
Clibe for iPad 2
Wünderlist for iPhone
Wünderlist HD for iPad
CarbonFin Outliner for iPhone and iPod touch

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List of Wunder
Pocket Sized Podcast #22

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Scott has a Wunderful idea for task lists that sync across the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.

Suzé Gilbert finds the right depth of field with iQuikD.o.F for iPhone.

Sam Negri does not drop the new Gumdrop case for iPad 2, but thinks it would handle it just fine if he did.

And John Nemo asks you to listen to something else for a bit, and picks The Tin Roof Blowdown as the book you should chose to listen to.

Links from the show:

Wunderlist by 6Wunderkinder
Wunderlist for iPhone and iPod touch
Wunderlist HD for iPad
iQuik D.o.F
Gumdrop Drop Series Case for iPad 2
The Tin Roof Blowdown: A Dave Robicheaux Novel, Audiobook edition
James Lee Burke
Will Patton
Feet – a Flickr set by Sheba

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